Aber in a Storm

It was always a front row seat. House like a wedding cake with columns, next door to a derelict mansion. Waves like White Tigers leaping- Their spittle-flung pebbles to dash salt-flecked panes. Always the thump of surf on stone, then a scatter of spray. So very different from Summer basking on paint-peeled window sills, Watching … More Aber in a Storm

Born to slide

What double happiness as a parent in the snow! Pulling a bundle of joy behind, White slopes ahead, The air ringing with giggles. Watching the light reflected in young eyes that marvel at the world transformed. Sound muffled. Hands painfully alive. Hopes and prayers flung with wild abandon for a snow day and school closures. … More Born to slide


Gleaming at the waterfall’s heart: Shocking cold, painful to the touch, Soon warmed, in my palm.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


Birdsong gently floats on breeze as you repose beneath lovingly tended grass, as vibrant as your words.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

True Grit

Totem fit for a Temple, Stone Steadfast. Set with a snarl that could cleave Oak. Teeth a crenellated fortress. Yet so fluid. Rippling features. The nose? A whale’s tail, Slamming down between Octopus and swirling ocean current. Bathed in Sunset stained horizon’s light, As if atop a Viking prow. Or Inca guardian? Perhaps all of … More True Grit


Just so, you are to me. When far away, always present. A murmur in my ear. Drawing me to you. A bright spirit, turning my attention all magpie. When close, a beautiful cacophony. All else drowned out. My soul throws itself in to you like a young otter, All joy play elemental. And yes, you … More Heightened