Keep the Faith

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I want  to time travel, right now. To drop in to an event, a gig, a scene  like a stone in a well, and immerse myself. Bathe in the moment, and only come up for air when sated.  Given the choice, the full gamut of happenings, I’d pick a…


  Aztec, Harvest Moon Eyes. Inky pupils, set in to a blizzard of a face. Carved snowstorm, with a plaintive cry. Beak lost in plumage- upturned canoe breaking waves, that surge through feathered currents. Swinging head to track pinprick movements, Feeling every swirl of air on her grey-flecked self.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018   … More Siku

Jupiter on the Beach

A planet, Spinning with galaxies of spheres, in a universe of  fiery globes. Everywhere milky light and orbits within an inconceivable space countless fathoms deep beyond sight or sound.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018  

Date tbc

A whole fresh year ahead. Between the sheets, little set in stone- Dreams and plans whisper gently.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018    


If I have had a past life, I feel I may have been a Selkie. Folklore tells of this mythological race of seal-people that could shed their skin and walk on land. They had to leave their seal pelts on the beach before growing legs, but if they failed to return then they would remain … More Selkie


When all else, all, looks dim, You are there, drawing me on. My fixed point. My home. You.   © Tom Tide 2017  

In Record Time

There’s this geographer I know. He’s an expert at knowing where to look. Keeps his finds carefully. Here, splitting rocks. There, flipping stacks,  of Vinyl. In each case, peeling back the layers to find treasures. Digging. Searching for a timeline. A spiral line. Preferably pristine and without scratches.   Searches are timeless. 33 minutes spiral … More In Record Time


Post Office. What does that actually mean? Post-Office? After a job? A time to unwind? Perhaps. Or is it merely a parting of ways? The ink has dried. Anointed stamps are pressed home. At Christmas, with one passing on, a journey begins. Counter-culture deposits messages in to sacks. Delivery parts like cells dividing. All missives … More Post-Office?