True Haven

There is a true haven in moments of time, if you can just settle yourself enough to appreciate them.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Bye Bye, Tanned Toes

Well its just not right, is it? A whole Summer’s freedom- Feet cool in the breeze, Flip Flop Free Sand, Sea, Sun… Then SHOES. Straight-laced sweaty incarceration. No in-between. From free range toes to battery piggies. You know what? I HATE IT. Hemming in my soles. I’ve seven hours before my toes return to teaching. … More Bye Bye, Tanned Toes

Sea Heart

You have held my heart for longer than I can remember. Today, I held yours. It caught my eye. Turned my head. Felt heavy and full of lively surf. Vein and ventricle filled Brimful by adrenaline waves. I cradled your beating self in tide-filled hands. For many, too few moments. Then returned you to moon- … More Sea Heart

Simply Elemental

Fluid as a Hokusai wave, this blushing Granite. Wind-worn, Mica-clad curves. Solid and sensual- An athlete’s thighs. Yet so maddeningly quixotic! A draughtsman’s Midnight doodles. Speech-bubbles from a comic, with only one phrase looming: ‘Are we real’? Grinning Sphinx mouths mock replies. Who care’s, when they’re so beautiful? Even their make up exotic. Feldspar: now … More Simply Elemental

Deutsche Fortress

A curious way to camp: Commanding attention, yet defying prying eyes. This Blue Carapace. Aloof- suspended above all foreign soil. No nights under canvas here, soft sheets thrown open to the evening breeze. No. A rather uptight customer. Town on wheels. Aggressively self-sufficient. Defiantly enjoying such splendid isolation.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017


I dearly love this hulking, hump-backed thing hovering on my lawn. An exotic beetle- This time capsule, poised taut and proud in Summer rain. Walls tight as a drum skin bead away rain as I gaze at my childhood colour. That orange- so bright outside but within? Lurid. Flaming. Bathing everything in a warm glow. … More Tendere

Out In The Open

Something wonderful happened today. It raised my spirits immensely, and I want to tell everybody about it. I found a small, oval stone with the letters ‘OTR’ delicately penned in Turquoise on its surface. Intrigued, I held it in my hand throughout my walk and googled the letters on my laptop at home. As I … More Out In The Open

Heeby GB’s

There’s a stamp on my car, It say’s GB; I’m leaving GB for a spell, you see. And there’s something deeply troubling me- about my land of songs and tea.   There’s anger like I’ve never known. Fires lit, fuses blown; Curses reaped from bad seeds sown- Snap decisions. Good sense flown.   So I’m … More Heeby GB’s

All Ways

  Deep within my beating Heart : I Love you to the last degree; Every which way and back     Copyright Tom Tide 2017