The day he grew

We both built your scooter of white and of red, Then laughed as you span all three wheels; In a helmet I carefully nestled your head, I smiled at your chuckles and squeals.   You stepped to the plate, and said ‘can you help’, With wide eyes so brimful of fear, I lovingly thought you’re still … More The day he grew


    I have worn a ring on the little finger of my right hand for the last four years. It is a simple design, of burnished metal with a subtly-inset stone in the centre. On Christmas day it went missing, and I assumed it had come off in Lough Lacken, during the Christmas Day … More Crucible

23 years and counting. For all admirers of Dire Straits album ‘Brothers in Arms’.

10 years old and in the boot of my Dad’s spanking new navy Vauxhall estate I first heard it.  Rolling around as he thumped the cassette home, with a duck-egg blue vista spread above me, amidst a tangle of comradely limbs en route to swimming club. That song on the speakers. The one about the … More 23 years and counting. For all admirers of Dire Straits album ‘Brothers in Arms’.

‘Shake off the sleep of a languishing soul’

Tomorrow marks an important and emotive milestone for me. After 16 years I will contribute once again to a performance of a marvellous choral creation, namely Gabriel Faure’s Cantique de Jean Racine. That score is imprinted within my memory, and I recently discovered with great joy that I can recall every note that I once, and indeed … More ‘Shake off the sleep of a languishing soul’


During the Summer I bought a bonsai plant. Within the dingy bowels of IKEA on a plinth with its siblings, it demanded my attention. Amidst a desolate forest of tangled and warped trunks I saw a figure worthy of a reclining Modigliani. Gustave Klimt could not have captured the sensuality of the gait that I … More Desire