Sea Change

  All here are: the friends, families, fuck ups. The up at the crack of dawners. Both rested and restless. The celebrants, the mourners.   For here is the downing of tools, Replenishment of souls. The drinking in of moments. Repairing of holes.                     Advertisements

Heaven scent

What are you thinking, with your lips petal-parted? Gossamer hues transfused in to a sun-soothed visage. Beautiful lady, inhilation of five score years and eight- Surely, deeply a crescendo of loving memory.   Of whom do you think as you caress your delicate bloom with one hand, The other bearing the weight of both body … More Heaven scent

Father time

You bought me a pocket watch before you were born. One last indulgence to mark the solemnity of fatherhood. Polished it was; never bismirched by fingerprints. Measured ticks marked out your last trimester.   You arrived early and turned nights into days and minutes into hours. The watch marked out your feeds; I like a … More Father time

Pins on a map

We all carry a map in our heads. When’s, where’s, with whom’s. Where we stayed that year, last year. Where we will stay (or own) one day. Bright pins point out destinations: Digey, Smeatons, Nanjizal. Our map is a blur of trodden paths over the decades, Every footfall recorded, ice cream dated and deep breath … More Pins on a map

Hoar frost

  Nobody earth-bound could describe such heavenly colours. A palette for sky. Seamless above with pastel hues blending. Stars aligned to mark the occasion. Glancing up? Sky  does it no justice. It was a firmament of Pre- Raphaelite proportions. Too special for dewfall was this morning. So flawless that every drop crystalized to preserve the serenity. … More Hoar frost

Different strokes

Sometimes my body craves sleep but my brain throws a spanner in the works. Food dye in to the milky calm of the moment before repose. A chinese burn to the imagination.  It could be an image. An idea. A scenario. Or the queen bitch of lets wake Tom up, also known as the completely … More Different strokes


There are very few individuals in this world who are both fascinating and mysterious, and even less of them riding the fame carousel. This world said farewell to one today. Obituary writers worldwide must have felt daunted when the news was first broadcast. I don’t envy anybody the behemoth of a task that is to … More Heroes