I had forgotten the joy water. The corkscrew spiral plunge with All the world spinning. Everything suspended- within that half-light Rippled murmuring. It is the lifting, weightless immersion. Embraced by cerulean. Lying prone on cool tiles and gazing at a world calmed, However briefly. Flying swooping gliding. As a heron hangs in the air. In … More Panacea

Horse Power

Thumping to life with A growl. A Primal Scream To rival Howard Marks clearing his throat. The very name of it a statement. Musk- visceral, aggressive. Tang- sharp and  lingering. Low-slung and swinging in to a turn, Like Summer jeans sassily worn. Drawing every eye and ear and Mind- to imagine what it would be … More Horse Power


There is a place inside my head. Within my body. Behind my eyes. It is real. A pit of cloying sand that drags at me. From nowhere. To struggle is to be pulled faster. To fight? Meaningless. So I sit. No, no screams. The stuff fills my mouth. Turns my hands in to useless Spades. … More Sink

At Sue’s

It was the lamps of all shades. Pockets of glowing warmth, like beautiful lit caverns. The dark wood corner cabinet with its carved owl. Instruments bathed in deep green by That willow tree beyond the sliding door. The ornaments that begged questions. A bowed bookshelf with racy titles proudly placed. His portrait. The quiet, watched … More At Sue’s


The air shimmered with heat, rank with the sharp tang of cacti and dessicated earth. Shapes flowed and flourished everywhere, both in stone and plant. Not a garish hue in sight. All sage, sorrel, ochre and white. Above all white. Soothing, glowing, framing everything else. Pots, bricks, tiles- all took on a pleasure and life … More Mirage


I looked at my dog-eared road atlas today. Battered. Only turned to in lost, driving  desperation. I happened upon a page, with a red dotted line. Felt transported. My fingertips running over names long forgotten. Suddenly recalled in sharp focus.   Every step measured out and walked with you. So long ago. You, a globe … More Pinpoint


To others, you were just a robin- Singing at dusk by a caravan. You were so much more to me. You see, I felt you knew: Knew that this was special. This few days together. You understood that we were there to stay.  We were your audience, and you performed. Beautifully. You even granted us a … More Welcome


I don’t like skimming the open sea. Mermaids snatch my stones. I prefer rock pools. Calm. Collected. Free of ripples (apart from my own). I savour every bounce. Every one. Even the ricochets (I love that word). Do the stones cheer as they fly? After millenia of shaping. I hope so. My soul cheers as … More Skimming