Mare’s tails and vapour trails


Mare’s tails and vapour trails traverse the sky above,

My nation riven in two parts, fuelled  by hate and love.

This warring Isle will gather near to cast its final vote;

Change is nigh, its in the sky, both sides all primed to gloat.


My mind is set, my choice is made,

My line drawn in the sand.

I meet my neighbours not with fists-

With outstretched, open hands.


For we are not alone, you see,

Though Isle we are, will always be;

I say remain, for everyone,

Your parents, spouses, daughters,  sons.


I say remain, and trust in folk,

Not drag a solitary yoke.

Remain, not leave- look straight ahead:

Divorce our kin? No. Stay wed.


© Tom Tide 2016





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