False Lights

I am a true smuggler. Wrecker of hearts and ships. Treasure-seeking pleasure eater. Salvaging bejewelled raiments of Kings With which to occupy my indolent fingers Amuses me. My lullaby is the death knell of ships, as is The gentle rolling stroke of pearls spilled from coffers. I luxuriate in my litheness, Arching my back against … More False Lights

Springs Eternal

Every burning fibre of my being yearns To take your weary face between my open palms, Lift your blinding shrouds and gently Tilt your head heavenward.   Yet I would not, though it pains me. Nay, not for all the world. For you endure, graceful one- Strong, despite every and all of the odds. Unaided. … More Springs Eternal

Damned Belle

Never a caressive thought spared  for you, Despite all your lonely wanderings. With your deadly heady jasmine scent so pure, So intense it drew them all, inexorably to you.   No. You, even in your savage isolation Sought dark places to repel their affection. Still they came, and burned their souls away with The purity … More Damned Belle

Conducting Ripples

A gentle dragging cools the veins. Flexed feet carving the glassy surface; Eddying grainy dunes rise and fall beneath toes. Play of light on dazzling water. No beach here- The wide river bed channels clear waters Skimmed over by cobalt damsel flies, Reflected charcoal crow-wings flash past, Gone before upward glances seek them. Downward, always … More Conducting Ripples

Flying Underwater

On Tuesday I fulfilled a lifetime dream, which was to glimpse a real mermaid. I watched mermaid Ia wave to an excited crowd, dive in to the sea with her vibrant tail, then glide gracefully and speedily underwater to greet people. She was so genuine and kind to all of those gathered there that I … More Flying Underwater


Dave Fieldhouse is an alchemist. He takes separate elements and materials and transforms them in to something beautiful, complex and valuable. Priceless, in fact. He is a landscape photographer who creates strikingly beautiful images of land and sea, in all of its voluptuous and craggy forms. Every one of his images speaks to me in … More Alchemy


Kindness is an increasingy rare and  precious commodity in our times. All too often it is fleeting, tentative and masked behind a vested self-interest. So when I see true kindness I value it, and I witnessed the definition of it this morning, on Porthminster beach in St Ives, Cornwall. I had the pleasure of watching … More Kindness

Wasted-Part 2

A searing pain smashed through his neck, and with a jerk of his head Jim was awake. Instantly he saw once again  the immaculately attired man in the corner. He was exactly as he had been,  mute and glaring.  Both eyes darting, Jim’s gaze came in to focus on Bill’s striped, mustard- hued incisors, directly … More Wasted-Part 2

The Seven Ages of Sea Swimming

Toddling, it initially was surf-chasing. Hand clasped to adults, Pelting, giggling from harmless waves. At Ten, playing chicken with the swell. Unaided. In my Twenties, pelting headlong to slam in to curved walls. Reckless. Today, near mid-thirties,  a gradual acclimatisation. Calm. Christ knows what’s next. In three stages of metamorphosis still to come.   © … More The Seven Ages of Sea Swimming