Dream of Me

Familiar words drifted towards him as he felt the gate yield to the key. Stars fading, but I linger on dear; still craving your kiss. The torrid heat of the day had given way to a clear and cloudless night, the surface of the lido lay flat and shimmering in the moonlight. Full, the moon cast … More Dream of Me

Dream a little.

  Most members preferred the heated indoor pool, with its regimented lanes and floodlights. He’d always found it stifling in there. The water felt greasy and clotted somehow, with the swimmers who treated the water like an obstacle to slap and push out of the way as they thumped to the end of the pool. … More Dream a little.


  My tide is turning in a new direction. This will be my last blog entry for some time. I have thought of an idea that will not let me write anything else, and I will be busy pursuing that. It has been both an honour and a pleasure to write this blog, and to … More Resolution


Originally posted on Tom Tide thinking:
Sometimes we need not even move. They come willingly to their ruin- Sailors hot and salty. To those who volunteer, we show our best. Others cling to their doomed ship, weeping, despite our tender caresses. Alas. Those we drag to the depths, with a fierce kiss to Prolong their…


Originally posted on Tom Tide thinking:
Such a gaze as this never is or was or will be seen again. Your countenance twisted heavenward, drawing your intended to salty skin. All else withers in the glow of your supple litheness. Crimson coral falls from you, Brushing tide-plaited pearls. Who could resist that shocking, Sinuous entrapment…


It may be cold. There may be wind as harsh as a blade. It will soak me to the skin. Yet it will never. Ever. Be repetitive.   © Tom Tide 2017