State of the Land

  Mangled, corroded and propped up. I saw this in the blink of an eye today. Glancing upward as I walked in to town. It became a canvas. A manifestation of my thoughts.  It summed up the state of the world today. I feel afraid. © Tom Tide 2016

Brothers In Arms

Sometimes you have to cross great voids With arms that know you well; That feel, before the bend arrives That you are steeped in hell.   That scoop you up, then drive you on, To make your final stand; Then jettison your flailing arms To lunge toward the sand.   The time will come to … More Brothers In Arms


  I might just  as well just post a hyperlink to a Youtube clip for this entry. I could do. Maybe I should. Mark Knopfler’s performances need to be seem to be believed. Yet to do so I feel would be a disservice to a supreme communicator. A person who has for over four decades … More Knopfler


I can build a whole world around a scent. One single, sensual scent can send me spinning off and throwing out images in a mad kaleidoscope of colours. There is both wonder and awe in this, as the memory of a notable scent haunts me, and can resurface at any point, completely unbidden. Yet these … More Haunting

Under the Counter

Despite the sharp chill blowing from the mountains, the boy was sweating. He’d been watching the door of the Skyland restaurant for over an hour now, and looked on in dismay as it got busier and busier. He checked the barrel of his Grandfather’s Webley revolver one last time, then stowed it behind him, tucking … More Under the Counter

Horse Power

Thumping to life with A growl. A Primal Scream To rival Howard Marks clearing his throat. The very name of it a statement. Musk- visceral, aggressive. Tang- sharp and  lingering. Low-slung and swinging in to a turn, Like Summer jeans sassily worn. Drawing every eye and ear and Mind- to imagine what it would be … More Horse Power