The whole world washes up here. Everything, from the Romans up. Heaven only knows who came before. Drifting in with the tide, or spinning downriver. Mingling, stirring the melting pot. Beachcomb: hold a palatte within your palm Crafted from earth, spun briefly then returned. To drift, lovingly enrobed by shifting sands.   © Tom Tide … More Mosaic

Flying Underwater

On Tuesday I fulfilled a lifetime dream, which was to glimpse a real mermaid. I watched mermaid Ia wave to an excited crowd, dive in to the sea with her vibrant tail, then glide gracefully and speedily underwater to greet people. She was so genuine and kind to all of those gathered there that I … More Flying Underwater


Kindness is an increasingy rare and  precious commodity in our times. All too often it is fleeting, tentative and masked behind a vested self-interest. So when I see true kindness I value it, and I witnessed the definition of it this morning, on Porthminster beach in St Ives, Cornwall. I had the pleasure of watching … More Kindness

Last Chance Saloon

What would you watch, if time was of the essence? If you could enjoy and appreciate one film, and one film only.  Choose one cinematic experience to relive.  If you were given 60 seconds to choose one last film? Could you take your pick?  I could, hands down. It would be Local Hero. The 1983 … More Last Chance Saloon


Sometimes we need not even move. They come willingly to their ruin- Sailors hot and salty. To those who volunteer, we show our best. Others cling to their doomed ship, weeping, despite our tender caresses. Alas. Those we drag to the depths, with a fierce kiss to Prolong their agonies. All surrender eventually. Thence to … More Syrens


I don’t like skimming the open sea. Mermaids snatch my stones. I prefer rock pools. Calm. Collected. Free of ripples (apart from my own). I savour every bounce. Every one. Even the ricochets (I love that word). Do the stones cheer as they fly? After millenia of shaping. I hope so. My soul cheers as … More Skimming


Such a gaze as this never is or was or will be seen again. Your countenance twisted heavenward, drawing your intended to salty skin. All else withers in the glow of your supple litheness. Crimson coral falls from you, Brushing tide-plaited pearls. Who could resist that shocking, Sinuous entrapment so soft- yet unyielding. Utterly relaxed … More Intent