Jupiter on the Beach

A planet, Spinning with galaxies of spheres, in a universe of  fiery globes. Everywhere milky light and orbits within an inconceivable space countless fathoms deep beyond sight or sound.   Copyright Tom Tide 2018   Advertisements


Do you know what impresses me about pebbles? They endure. Always. I mean, pick your punishment: they’ve beaten it. Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Crushed for Millennia, Slammed out of Cliffs, Storms, Waves. Dogs.   Battered beyond belief. Yet… All the more beautiful for their bludgeoning. Unbroken. Never. Ever. Shattered. As are all impressive people.   © Tom … More Impressive

Sea Wardrobe

Every weave and stitch a pigment. All hues, above and within water. Some colours warm- lapping Others chilled and dark. Even hints of the pallete of a Summer sky. Rippling like waves, Conducted by the tide of my hands, as I search for something to quench, no drench my heat.   © Tom Tide 2017


A curved canvas. Full of waves and clouds. Tide-shifted sands, spun by the elements. Horizons meet beneath the tide-line. An ironic composition, when paint rubs off to reveal beauty. Love- lacquered layers of paint incited, As praiseworthy as a Ruskin landscape or John Nash painting.   Yet brought to life without hands. No, rather The … More Seascape


Walk a rediscovered world. Tread on silken, virgin sands lovingly cleansed by salty waves. Now all so quiet- yet teeming with life a few scant hours ago. All movement sleeps deeply, waiting to flow back. Hastening the tide’s return. Sea-kelp mermaids tresses dry now in Sun-shafts, Curling in to anchor shapes to pass the arid … More Unveiled


  Everywhere a view.  Everywhere. Even the benches are special: all dragon tails and tongues. The ground is a sleeping dragon. Sweeping curves cupping an impossible blue, and all uphill though never a struggle. A place fit for all weathers. Arctic in March, Grecian in Autumn. An enchanted land. Everlasting beautiful.   Keen memories burn … More Fresh

You came back

  A mottled orb. Camouflaged to roll and bump. Eroded evenly. Sometimes suspended- to swoop around green arcs. Perhaps lay long covered, until whole beaches shifted, then unveiled to blink in the moonlight.   How ironic, that one who has seen so much should now be opaque. You are a Voyager satellite. A life-preserving, ice-encrusted … More You came back

Delve and Quicken- for the beach and her lovers.

So very kind to hands plunged in. This soft heaviness, welcoming scooped palms. Whispered sussurations as stones settle deep. Then a parting, lifting of palms, all creases scars wrinkles lie smoothed, blessed by the fine chalkdust of these thousands of miniature planets. Powdered and perfumed every one, by pulsating tides- Saltlaquered and dried smooth by fierce suns.   Yet with more … More Delve and Quicken- for the beach and her lovers.

Merman Dreams

Every time I swim in the ocean, it is as if I return to a long, lost lover. I feel uncontrollably drawn in to an embrace, and the initial meeting of selves is overwhelming. The shock of the cold is almost violent in its intensity. Mere milliseconds last for aeons, and I float along underneath … More Merman Dreams