Antrobus to Zennor

Antrobus- artist of light, Barbara Hepworth- flowing forms, Castle (the Tregenna variety), Digey (the)- Epidauros and its view- Fishing boats bobbing, Ginsters NOT allowed, Happy memories, Impossible to forget. Jubilant buskers, Kandahar; Lifeboat gallantry, Mermaid loyalty Laura Evans- Nothing compares, Oceanic Vistas, Porthmeor perfection, Questing for pebbles- Roving down Fore Street, St Eia watches, Tremendous … More Antrobus to Zennor

Amber Tide

  Early morning amber tide lapping. Heaven above, heavenly below. Glowing bright, brighter; Glistening all places between.   Breathe in union with the waves, for now is the time for lovers and soul searchers. Every hue bleeding then healing in to the dark horizon. Becoming one with all.   All is glowing, and so vibrant. … More Amber Tide

St Ives

Cobbled streets ingrained with sand. Shops remembered. Resurrected from memories. Every street corner beginning with ‘do you remember when”? Because we do. We measure out our lives in recollections, with this as our setting. Tides roll in, lives move on. Surf retreats, we honour those past. Yet cherish the living. Every year, we bask in … More St Ives

Picture Perfect

What better picture is there in the world? A masterpiece of special places Resonant with happy memories. Hard to believe that so much could be framed So completely, in both my mind’s eye and my loving gaze.   © Tom Tide 2016    

Flying Underwater

On Tuesday I fulfilled a lifetime dream, which was to glimpse a real mermaid. I watched mermaid Ia wave to an excited crowd, dive in to the sea with her vibrant tail, then glide gracefully and speedily underwater to greet people. She was so genuine and kind to all of those gathered there that I … More Flying Underwater


Kindness is an increasingy rare and  precious commodity in our times. All too often it is fleeting, tentative and masked behind a vested self-interest. So when I see true kindness I value it, and I witnessed the definition of it this morning, on Porthminster beach in St Ives, Cornwall. I had the pleasure of watching … More Kindness


The air shimmered with heat, rank with the sharp tang of cacti and dessicated earth. Shapes flowed and flourished everywhere, both in stone and plant. Not a garish hue in sight. All sage, sorrel, ochre and white. Above all white. Soothing, glowing, framing everything else. Pots, bricks, tiles- all took on a pleasure and life … More Mirage


I don’t like skimming the open sea. Mermaids snatch my stones. I prefer rock pools. Calm. Collected. Free of ripples (apart from my own). I savour every bounce. Every one. Even the ricochets (I love that word). Do the stones cheer as they fly? After millenia of shaping. I hope so. My soul cheers as … More Skimming

Weather the Storm

The smoke from his cigarette hung in the air like a poor lie. With his back to the iron door, all around him the grey swell flowed, eerily noiseless. The waves were swollen and turgid as they looped around the steps below him, meeting uneasily in the middle. The heat was stifling, even three miles out, … More Weather the Storm


Such a gaze as this never is or was or will be seen again. Your countenance twisted heavenward, drawing your intended to salty skin. All else withers in the glow of your supple litheness. Crimson coral falls from you, Brushing tide-plaited pearls. Who could resist that shocking, Sinuous entrapment so soft- yet unyielding. Utterly relaxed … More Intent