Back to Work

  A Treasure Map. In my workaday¬†pockets, brushed by inky, clammy fingertips. Once pristine, lacking any wrinkles. A land to discover. Now dog-eared, yes, but also gilded with love. My memories, awoken by this talisman? Emerald roads, scarlet paths, like veins- All leading to wide- sweeping beaches. Undulating hills with cloud-shadowed flanks, now just sleepy … More Back to Work


I’ve waited a lifetime to reach Donegal, With its mountains encircled by seas: To see roads tightly-wound, around peat-enriched ground, Every gorse bush a chorus of bees. To drink in broad bays topped with high tide-flecked dunes, All bedecked with pastel-hued stones: To see broad-sweeping beach stretching far out of reach Save for deep-walled, hewn … More Dunfanaghy