Beyond the frame of favourite movies

  Beyond the frame, there are the answers. Hidden explanations of tantalising scenes. Those ‘what’s down there’ queries.  The curiosity of ‘who’s that, and why him’? The seductive, inky details that fill in the blanks on my imagination’s map. Those fleeting blinks of spaces and places that make my pupils dilate. These secret places that … More Beyond the frame of favourite movies

Ralph Vaughan Williams

His music.  Lakeland fells. Inseperable, for me. Overwhelming both, as sunlight emerging from banked clouds. Transported. Once engaged always awed by the scale of rockface or score. To listen is to fly and soar like a bird. Spinning upwards. Turning over.   Pure daydreams. As intense as scaling a peak. Looking down at the world … More Ralph Vaughan Williams

About turn

I updated my ‘About’ description today. Almost a year after first writing it. Perhaps worth a read if you have enjoyed any of my posts. It means a great deal to me if you have. Thank you.   Good evening all xXx

The Revenant

Who is that? Startled by an unfamiliar recognition, now jolted back from listlessness. All presently begrimed in hazy reflection. Shadows seeping in to corners. This moment, this raw moment reproduced faithfully. Faithfully- in all its grubby hand-flinching nervousness. Backlit gracefully by warm brightness That welcomes you home To yourself.   © Tom Tide 2016   … More The Revenant


For this, your birthday gift, an artichoke. Heart flower of my soul and mind and being. For you, in all my life, more than all folk, Have opened me to life, and growth and seeing. As petals strip you off one at a time, Know that I give myself to you this way. I want … More Birthday


Kindness is an increasingy rare and  precious commodity in our times. All too often it is fleeting, tentative and masked behind a vested self-interest. So when I see true kindness I value it, and I witnessed the definition of it this morning, on Porthminster beach in St Ives, Cornwall. I had the pleasure of watching … More Kindness

Sleeping in the Day

It is hide and seek for adults. Blue light- sunlight shuttered, save for bordered slivers. Cool sheets. Head laid softly to rest after a sleepless night. Outside, Gates creaking: foot-falling, letter-slotted sounds. Thrum of engines, Whisps of songs from car radios Diminishing. Snatches of converstion. Dust motes dancing in the light shafts of the window. … More Sleeping in the Day

Brief Hiatus

These words are for anybody and everybody who has read my words since I began sharing them last October. I have four words for you: Thank you all wholeheartedly. To know and to see that people read my words is an utter joy. You have given me the confidence to carve out a voice, and … More Brief Hiatus

Shockingly familiar

I used to dream that I could breathe underwater. Swoop and dive beneath the surface like a darting swift. Impermeable. Nowadays I am thankful for a moment’s indulgence. The submergence of tired feet, With rippled, shock-immersed light play. It is enough, to feel the silky drag of water, Rising to meet me. Enough, because even … More Shockingly familiar


A God climbed your Bronze tower In the Silvery night, Transformed  himself to Gold torrents In the gushing of his desire. And now, all gaze in awe at you. With your Creased brow and curled fingers, in the grip of Your most private moment. Exposed. No death-like slumberer you, Writhing in to your own petite … More Danae