Oh Dear Me

I look at me three decades ago. Or you, rather. I’m unrecognisable now. Every cell thrice renewed. I wish I could take your head between my hands, Look in to your eyes and say ‘Your mind is wired strangely. Talk to people about it, in all its frenzied energy’. I would say ‘Swim every day. … More Oh Dear Me


  A labour of love Built with offerings of those dearest to me.   The lining of my son’s abandoned toys has become bedding to warm the tender bellies of fledglings. The spun gold of my wife’s brushed ¬†hair cast from the window¬†for the birds now binds curving walls with a burnished strength. My frayed … More Interweave

Carved in to me.

My father has taught me many things. Many explicitly. Others with a glance or soft word. A few, with no more than a flick of the eyes. Some, and maybe the most precious, wordlessly. Above all though, he has taught me patience. To strive and search for something. To wait for an experience. To savour. … More Carved in to me.

Brothers In Arms

Sometimes you have to cross great voids With arms that know you well; That feel, before the bend arrives That you are steeped in hell.   That scoop you up, then drive you on, To make your final stand; Then jettison your flailing arms To lunge toward the sand.   The time will come to … More Brothers In Arms

New Horizons

  You walk as one who has seen many things, Eyes to the front, to meet what is to come; Excited, primed for what the future brings, Yet still a backward glance for Dad and Mum.   School bag and water bottle held aloft, You have a stride, where once there was a bounce; Those … More New Horizons


For this, your birthday gift, an artichoke. Heart flower of my soul and mind and being. For you, in all my life, more than all folk, Have opened me to life, and growth and seeing. As petals strip you off one at a time, Know that I give myself to you this way. I want … More Birthday


I trod these boards as a boy. Or crept, I should say. The deep carpets still make my toes skitter. Three steps down to the living room. Still exciting, somehow. So much to look at. Everywhere. A crescent within a crescent: rooms arcing to left and right. Embracing warmly, as warmly as the homemaker’s arms. … More Crescent