A friend has asked me to write about Fire. As a subject, I immediately think of it as a double-edged sword. Beautiful and seductive if tamed, though evil and repulsive if left to its own devices. Heavenly or Satanic. Tantalising. I have always felt an affinity with the fellow who asked me to write this, … More Fire

Midnight Cigarette

Always engines busy. Motorbike gears shifting fast. TV window lights flicker. Turn of keys in doors. Testing locks in nighttime rituals. Garden gates creak. Swooping planes gliding in to land (at least two awake- One would hope). Wind waltzing through leaves Gathering dew soundless. Folk abed. In a hive. My lone fag, a Burning tip: … More Midnight Cigarette


It is good to come back to a bonfire at night, After smouldering all of the day; To go out in the dusk, relinquish the fight, To burn all annoyance away.   To breathe in the woodsmoke, stare deep at the flame; Through amber then scarlet then white; And think upon times past  no one … More Conflagration