When the bough breaks- to the tune of ‘Rockabye Baby’

For my son’s Guardian Angel   Make a rope swing, I thought, for my son: Fill sunny days with pendular fun, Thank God and all angels I tested the bough: To see if rough usage its strength would allow.   For down the bough came, my shoulders were struck: Although my blood flowed, I hold … More When the bough breaks- to the tune of ‘Rockabye Baby’

Oh Dear Me

I look at me three decades ago. Or you, rather. I’m unrecognisable now. Every cell thrice renewed. I wish I could take your head between my hands, Look in to your eyes and say ‘Your mind is wired strangely. Talk to people about it, in all its frenzied energy’. I would say ‘Swim every day. … More Oh Dear Me

Ocean in a Bottle

I was given the wide ocean in a bottle today. A gift of true generosity. Heavenly, To cradle the wonder of the Sea within my palm’s breadth. To be known. So well. I put my lips to it. Warm from the Autumn Sun that bathed it on my morning window sill Where I placed it … More Ocean in a Bottle