A beautiful print of many, many birds in flight hangs by my bedside. It is a perfect circle of airborne seabirds. A maelstrom of wings that swoop and soar. Countless, delicately drawn souls. The canvas is crowded and difficult to take in all at once, and yet it brings me a deep sense of calm. … More Cathartic

The Revenant

Who is that? Startled by an unfamiliar recognition, now jolted back from listlessness. All presently begrimed in hazy reflection. Shadows seeping in to corners. This moment, this raw moment reproduced faithfully. Faithfully- in all its grubby hand-flinching nervousness. Backlit gracefully by warm brightness That welcomes you home To yourself.   © Tom Tide 2016   … More The Revenant


22 pushups is hard. Very hard. I glibly accepted a nomination to take part, thinking ’22 pushups in one day is nothing. A doddle. Loads of other people do it’. It is anything but a doddle. I am on day 7, with 15 days to go. I have 330 remaining. Every Single Pushup Hurts. For … More #22pushups

Springs Eternal

Every burning fibre of my being yearns To take your weary face between my open palms, Lift your blinding shrouds and gently Tilt your head heavenward.   Yet I would not, though it pains me. Nay, not for all the world. For you endure, graceful one- Strong, despite every and all of the odds. Unaided. … More Springs Eternal

Blue is the colour

This is a rallying cry: A call to arms, for sufferers and seekers of salvation. For those licked by the twin flames of sadness and sea-worship. For pain and remedy. Listen: and heal.     Come all ye wave-watchers, sunset-seekers, Tide chasers,  yes you who even though it be a Monday and after long meetings, … More Blue is the colour

Last Chance Saloon

What would you watch, if time was of the essence? If you could enjoy and appreciate one film, and one film only.  Choose one cinematic experience to relive.  If you were given 60 seconds to choose one last film? Could you take your pick?  I could, hands down. It would be Local Hero. The 1983 … More Last Chance Saloon

Chance meeting

The banner of the Alzheimer’s Society is a Forget Me Not flower. Beautiful, tender and unassuming, and probaly frequently swept aside in frenzied weeding.  It is a tiny flower, forged from powder blue petals, white stars at the epicentre and a core of vibrant yellow. The sage green petals protect the fragile bloom as you … More Chance meeting


I had forgotten the joy water. The corkscrew spiral plunge with All the world spinning. Everything suspended- within that half-light Rippled murmuring. It is the lifting, weightless immersion. Embraced by cerulean. Lying prone on cool tiles and gazing at a world calmed, However briefly. Flying swooping gliding. As a heron hangs in the air. In … More Panacea


There is a place inside my head. Within my body. Behind my eyes. It is real. A pit of cloying sand that drags at me. From nowhere. To struggle is to be pulled faster. To fight? Meaningless. So I sit. No, no screams. The stuff fills my mouth. Turns my hands in to useless Spades. … More Sink


To others, you were just a robin- Singing at dusk by a caravan. You were so much more to me. You see, I felt you knew: Knew that this was special. This few days together. You understood that we were there to stay.  We were your audience, and you performed. Beautifully. You even granted us a … More Welcome