Little wonder they carved a horse. The earth cries out to be ridden and roved upon. Flowing curves flare contoured thighs and fetlocks. Beauties in sated repose breathing deeply. Lovely in the morning sun, but now, at twilight so Magical. As if the whole land aches to stretch and stand. © Tom Tide 2016   … More Undulating

Damned Belle

Never a caressive thought spared  for you, Despite all your lonely wanderings. With your deadly heady jasmine scent so pure, So intense it drew them all, inexorably to you.   No. You, even in your savage isolation Sought dark places to repel their affection. Still they came, and burned their souls away with The purity … More Damned Belle

Horse Power

Thumping to life with A growl. A Primal Scream To rival Howard Marks clearing his throat. The very name of it a statement. Musk- visceral, aggressive. Tang- sharp and  lingering. Low-slung and swinging in to a turn, Like Summer jeans sassily worn. Drawing every eye and ear and Mind- to imagine what it would be … More Horse Power