Midnight Cigarette

Always engines busy. Motorbike gears shifting fast. TV window lights flicker. Turn of keys in doors. Testing locks in nighttime rituals. Garden gates creak. Swooping planes gliding in to land (at least two awake- One would hope). Wind waltzing through leaves Gathering dew soundless. Folk abed. In a hive. My lone fag, a Burning tip: … More Midnight Cigarette

Sleeping in the Day

It is hide and seek for adults. Blue light- sunlight shuttered, save for bordered slivers. Cool sheets. Head laid softly to rest after a sleepless night. Outside, Gates creaking: foot-falling, letter-slotted sounds. Thrum of engines, Whisps of songs from car radios Diminishing. Snatches of converstion. Dust motes dancing in the light shafts of the window. … More Sleeping in the Day

Mind’s Eye

I rediscovered a long-forgotten joy last night, and it greeted me like an old friend. An intuitive companion- one of those magical people who are as funny and supportive since day one, even though paths may not have crossed for a while. I have had trouble sleeping for some time now, and resorted to sensory … More Mind’s Eye

Bane of Cawdor. II

My cursed maker. They bound him within his forge till he finished me, and their goadings  finished him. Thrice cursed was his mind, and his body followed. Rather than make any more of their cruel designs he beat his own eyes to pulp with his hammer, and cursing his Gods thrust his clever hands in … More Bane of Cawdor. II

Weather the Storm

The smoke from his cigarette hung in the air like a poor lie. With his back to the iron door, all around him the grey swell flowed, eerily noiseless. The waves were swollen and turgid as they looped around the steps below him, meeting uneasily in the middle. The heat was stifling, even three miles out, … More Weather the Storm

Different strokes

Sometimes my body craves sleep but my brain throws a spanner in the works. Food dye in to the milky calm of the moment before repose. A chinese burn to the imagination.  It could be an image. An idea. A scenario. Or the queen bitch of lets wake Tom up, also known as the completely … More Different strokes