All Ways

  Deep within my beating Heart : I Love you to the last degree; Every which way and back     Copyright Tom Tide 2017     Advertisements

What did you mean?

When I found you, you were ragged. So dusty. Sleeveless in the cold of your neglect. Though metal-rimmed. Built to last. Bumping through the decades, from storage to storage.   But what did you mean? You were and are a demo. So: Did you spark a tryst? Give words to some unspoken love? Why didn’t … More What did you mean?


All it took was early Sunday light spilling across the onyx- hemmed pearly squares; fresh bright glaring light picking out the delicate mosaics between them. My son had set up the board within pulsing sunlight from the window, with all the fierce focus and sensuality of the young and keen. Harnessing the beauty of the … More Pearlescent


  There are no words to thank you for your love, None can suffice: they would be infinite. For all you teach me, I thank stars above: Until the dawn absorbs their gentle light.   Yet I shall give you words that you taught me, The precious gift of words, which I adore: For in your goodness you … More Materfamilias

Oh Dear Me

I look at me three decades ago. Or you, rather. I’m unrecognisable now. Every cell thrice renewed. I wish I could take your head between my hands, Look in to your eyes and say ‘Your mind is wired strangely. Talk to people about it, in all its frenzied energy’. I would say ‘Swim every day. … More Oh Dear Me


  I could say you are the blood within my veins. I could say I love the very bones of you. Could say I bless each day that wains, For all the days are not enough with you.   For this fierce love is far beyond my form. It is as wide as all the firmament, It … More Atomic