Take Me

Bathwick. Bath. 1927. Valeria had watched the man for over a week now, and always in the early morning. From her solitary table on the balcony terrace she would first hear the gentle slap and pull of his oars working the river, then see him glide slowly in to view. Straining on the oars and … More Take Me

Yearning on the beach, when I was Sixteen

Salt-flecked skin, bronzed and quivering. Slenderly fastened swimwear, straining Mid sea jump. Seductive water highlighting Achingly beautiful contours. Breasts rising- falling on the offbeat. So defined in the twilight. Sloe-eyed stares from beneath sun-bleached hair. Glimpsing elegant, arcing, casual sunbather stretches. As nothing to them, but so, so intense to me. In the yearning burn … More Yearning on the beach, when I was Sixteen


What a wondrous thing To wander through a garden. Deftly led by its creator. To watch those loving hands caress floral finery. See a place through another’s eyes. Bathe in coaxed colours and textures, Swaying branches bedecked by leaves, as if coral Deep within a reef. Finding pleasure in every twisting turn of treble clef … More Divine

Damned Belle

Never a caressive thought spared ¬†for you, Despite all your lonely wanderings. With your deadly heady jasmine scent so pure, So intense it drew them all, inexorably to you.   No. You, even in your savage isolation Sought dark places to repel their affection. Still they came, and burned their souls away with The purity … More Damned Belle

Inner Space

What a gift! To stand within a tree and breathe its musky depths. Lean against worn bark hewn out by countless rings Over years and decades and monarchies. Feel the becalmed air within the depths- Sharing spaces with myriad lives, unseen in crevices. Playing at being The Green Man. Peering out Still and watching. Amused … More Inner Space


I can build a whole world around a scent. One single, sensual scent can send me spinning off and throwing out images in a mad kaleidoscope of colours. There is both wonder and awe in this, as the memory of a notable scent haunts me, and can resurface at any point, completely unbidden. Yet these … More Haunting