Flags in the afternoon sun and wind, West Holt’s Stage, Glasto, by Peter Brown

Come gather together. Enter this floating city of canvas beneath flags dyed with passion, hearts fluttering; homes from home lift in the heat haze. Feel these gossamer brushstrokes, conducted beneath lavender skies. Every one as evocative as gently strummed strings.   Feast on a harvest of harmonies.  Lay down your cares at music’s altar. Let … More Flags in the afternoon sun and wind, West Holt’s Stage, Glasto, by Peter Brown

Mischeif and longing

An expression to turn Mona Lisa green with envy! A labyrinthine riddle of a face. What maelstrom of thoughts created such a moment So briefly set in time? What comment or happenstance drew such mischief? Or longing? Those eyes that glow with intense recognition. I know you. I know your thoughts. Those eyes that make me … More Mischeif and longing


  Your name trips from my tongue in three brief sighs, Proserpine, fair empress of temptation. My gaze is ever drawn to your dark eyes; Twin pools, offering such pure libation.   Yet you, the epitome of denial. Left hand clasped to steer you from desire; Will never more your crimson lips defile, From this … More Proserpine

Springs Eternal

Every burning fibre of my being yearns To take your weary face between my open palms, Lift your blinding shrouds and gently Tilt your head heavenward.   Yet I would not, though it pains me. Nay, not for all the world. For you endure, graceful one- Strong, despite every and all of the odds. Unaided. … More Springs Eternal

Damned Belle

Never a caressive thought spared  for you, Despite all your lonely wanderings. With your deadly heady jasmine scent so pure, So intense it drew them all, inexorably to you.   No. You, even in your savage isolation Sought dark places to repel their affection. Still they came, and burned their souls away with The purity … More Damned Belle

The Kiss

  A great deal can be divined from a Kiss. Yet yours puzzles me. It is mysterious. You both sit on a throne which encircles you, There is unity in that- Yet he holds you captive. Strong hands hold your face fast. Though at your heels I see golden blooms festooned. His affection stirred something … More The Kiss


What do your pale eyes see, lady? Not what is before you surely, but past Or future benedictions. You blessed a man with your salty tears, kissed his weary feet Dutifully, then dried them with your red tresses. Red, for rebelliousness Mary, as your moniker proclaims. To me, you were a victim of calumny.  Your … More Magdalene


A God climbed your Bronze tower In the Silvery night, Transformed  himself to Gold torrents In the gushing of his desire. And now, all gaze in awe at you. With your Creased brow and curled fingers, in the grip of Your most private moment. Exposed. No death-like slumberer you, Writhing in to your own petite … More Danae


Sometimes we need not even move. They come willingly to their ruin- Sailors hot and salty. To those who volunteer, we show our best. Others cling to their doomed ship, weeping, despite our tender caresses. Alas. Those we drag to the depths, with a fierce kiss to Prolong their agonies. All surrender eventually. Thence to … More Syrens