Out of Eden

  Two hearts, for which my heart beats Are safe within a locked ward. Resting, behind swaying curtains, tended by torch-bearing nurses. I drift along empty corridors.   Outside, a deep pre-dawn stillness reigns. The air hangs damp, yet somehow less cloying than those stifling bays, with the parent’s room saturated in tears. Every car … More Out of Eden


It was 2.57 pm on this sunny, Sunday afternoon (now 5 hours ago), and I was back in 1995 again. The doors of the Village Hall were humming in time to the bass. I could see the disco lights. I heard the dulcet, (or rather Dorset) tones of the DJ croon ‘I LIKE TO MOOVE … More MAKE SOME NOISE!

New Horizons

  You walk as one who has seen many things, Eyes to the front, to meet what is to come; Excited, primed for what the future brings, Yet still a backward glance for Dad and Mum.   School bag and water bottle held aloft, You have a stride, where once there was a bounce; Those … More New Horizons


You are but new to the world Yet I know you to your very bones. Deeper, indeed. I was shown you on a screen Before you arrived. As your fragile self bound itself together. Now here, you are full of the joys of Spring, Summer. Autumn. Winter: a calendar of joys Captured in moments too … More Growth

Father time

You bought me a pocket watch before you were born. One last indulgence to mark the solemnity of fatherhood. Polished it was; never bismirched by fingerprints. Measured ticks marked out your last trimester.   You arrived early and turned nights into days and minutes into hours. The watch marked out your feeds; I like a … More Father time

The day he grew

We both built your scooter of white and of red, Then laughed as you span all three wheels; In a helmet I carefully nestled your head, I smiled at your chuckles and squeals.   You stepped to the plate, and said ‘can you help’, With wide eyes so brimful of fear, I lovingly thought you’re still … More The day he grew