The Book Barn- Part 1

There was no hiding in that place. Not really.  Yet it was all about hiding. Escaping. However briefly. Once through the brittle plastic doors, there was a muffled dustiness within the solid walls and low ceilings which was comforting. Dry and dusty, the place felt dampened, with a faint hint of spice. Noises were occasionally discernible, … More The Book Barn- Part 1

Midnight Cigarette

Always engines busy. Motorbike gears shifting fast. TV window lights flicker. Turn of keys in doors. Testing locks in nighttime rituals. Garden gates creak. Swooping planes gliding in to land (at least two awake- One would hope). Wind waltzing through leaves Gathering dew soundless. Folk abed. In a hive. My lone fag, a Burning tip: … More Midnight Cigarette

Mind’s Eye

I rediscovered a long-forgotten joy last night, and it greeted me like an old friend. An intuitive companion- one of those magical people who are as funny and supportive since day one, even though paths may not have crossed for a while. I have had trouble sleeping for some time now, and resorted to sensory … More Mind’s Eye