Brothers In Arms

Sometimes you have to cross great voids With arms that know you well; That feel, before the bend arrives That you are steeped in hell.   That scoop you up, then drive you on, To make your final stand; Then jettison your flailing arms To lunge toward the sand.   The time will come to … More Brothers In Arms

Fine form

We lie low in the sun, flush with the furrows. Day dreaming. We all love stretching out in our forms, belly dry with whiskers fanned out. Ah, but running is when we really stretch. Throw our legs forward and around, striving to take off. Why do you think we love the Moon? Our dreams are … More Fine form

“If your head goes your legs go, then everything follows”.

I am very glad that evolution has decided to allow humans to type with their fingertips, because they are the only parts of my body that do not currently hurt. Marathon running is savage. I’ll skip the details, save to say that 39 hours later I feel like I’ve been pummeled with a meat tenderizer. … More “If your head goes your legs go, then everything follows”.

Lunar Glide

The Dublin Marathon website informs me that in 1 day, 10¬† hours and 8 minutes¬† I will be running. Running 26.2 miles.That is well over 40,000 metres. Oh shit. Good thing that I have these fancy trainers. They are called Lunar Glide, you see. Perhaps they will propel me along Dublin’s roads, bouncing lightly like … More Lunar Glide