Back around

  If only my words could loop and turn with such utter ease and grace. A dextrous tongue! I would forge images to long outlast Iron and burn far hotter a their fierce bringing to life. Make emotions flare and spark; hammering out hot words. Leaving pulsating glowings. A broiling gush when eyes reach line end, and … More Back around


I love Brutalist Architecture. I love it. I love the size and the shape and the colours (or lack of colours) of it. I feel strongly about it. To me, it is anything but brutal. It is sublime and sculptural, and makes me feel immediately fascinated yet humbled whenever I see it. As an appreciator … More Brutalism

Heavenly Glimpses

I was irresistibly drawn to the above words today. Not for their original, intended meaning, but in a deeply intense, personal manner. As my ‘About’ section suggests, I am a midnight writer, and begin writing usually after the witching hour has begun. My eyes often sting, and I have to flail my thoughts in to some … More Heavenly Glimpses

Seas Of St Ives

Cerulean. Aquamarine. Cobalt. Sage. Sorrel. All undulating in shimmering bars. Matt and impenetrable in cloud, yet translucent and brilliant when brought to life by light. A spectrum of water colours swirling langorously and loyally around an achingly beautiful enclave. Surrounded almost entirely by tides, that have sulpted the deeply loved land as they do driftwood, all … More Seas Of St Ives


What a wondrous thing To wander through a garden. Deftly led by its creator. To watch those loving hands caress floral finery. See a place through another’s eyes. Bathe in coaxed colours and textures, Swaying branches bedecked by leaves, as if coral Deep within a reef. Finding pleasure in every twisting turn of treble clef … More Divine

Conducting Ripples

A gentle dragging cools the veins. Flexed feet carving the glassy surface; Eddying grainy dunes rise and fall beneath toes. Play of light on dazzling water. No beach here- The wide river bed channels clear waters Skimmed over by cobalt damsel flies, Reflected charcoal crow-wings flash past, Gone before upward glances seek them. Downward, always … More Conducting Ripples