I might just  as well just post a hyperlink to a Youtube clip for this entry. I could do. Maybe I should. Mark Knopfler’s performances need to be seem to be believed. Yet to do so I feel would be a disservice to a supreme communicator. A person who has for over four decades … More Knopfler

Sounding Board

How marvellous. To be the translator. To revivify breath and sound and life Captured with such joy, To feel, with tingling anticipation A crackle Then the unleashing of a moment in time That means so much To so many Now. © Tom Tide 2016


To others, you were just a robin- Singing at dusk by a caravan. You were so much more to me. You see, I felt you knew: Knew that this was special. This few days together. You understood that we were there to stay.  We were your audience, and you performed. Beautifully. You even granted us a … More Welcome


There are very few individuals in this world who are both fascinating and mysterious, and even less of them riding the fame carousel. This world said farewell to one today. Obituary writers worldwide must have felt daunted when the news was first broadcast. I don’t envy anybody the behemoth of a task that is to … More Heroes

‘Shake off the sleep of a languishing soul’

Tomorrow marks an important and emotive milestone for me. After 16 years I will contribute once again to a performance of a marvellous choral creation, namely Gabriel Faure’s Cantique de Jean Racine. That score is imprinted within my memory, and I recently discovered with great joy that I can recall every note that I once, and indeed … More ‘Shake off the sleep of a languishing soul’