Antrobus to Zennor

Antrobus- artist of light, Barbara Hepworth- flowing forms, Castle (the Tregenna variety), Digey (the)- Epidauros and its view- Fishing boats bobbing, Ginsters NOT allowed, Happy memories, Impossible to forget. Jubilant buskers, Kandahar; Lifeboat gallantry, Mermaid loyalty Laura Evans- Nothing compares, Oceanic Vistas, Porthmeor perfection, Questing for pebbles- Roving down Fore Street, St Eia watches, Tremendous … More Antrobus to Zennor


A curved canvas. Full of waves and clouds. Tide-shifted sands, spun by the elements. Horizons meet beneath the tide-line. An ironic composition, when paint rubs off to reveal beauty. Love- lacquered layers of paint incited, As praiseworthy as a Ruskin landscape or John Nash painting.   Yet brought to life without hands. No, rather The … More Seascape


Walk a rediscovered world. Tread on silken, virgin sands lovingly cleansed by salty waves. Now all so quiet- yet teeming with life a few scant hours ago. All movement sleeps deeply, waiting to flow back. Hastening the tide’s return. Sea-kelp mermaids tresses dry now in Sun-shafts, Curling in to anchor shapes to pass the arid … More Unveiled

Amber Tide

  Early morning amber tide lapping. Heaven above, heavenly below. Glowing bright, brighter; Glistening all places between.   Breathe in union with the waves, for now is the time for lovers and soul searchers. Every hue bleeding then healing in to the dark horizon. Becoming one with all.   All is glowing, and so vibrant. … More Amber Tide

Night Sea

Porthgwidden, that most welcoming of sands. Blue in the sapphire moonlight. At moonrise, the waves are amplified. Becoming the soft breathing of sleeping giants. Gulls glide ghostly above the midnight black waters as the surf draws contoured hills on the sloping tideline.   Busy ships twinkle: stars in a velvet sky, with no horizon. All … More Night Sea

St Ives

Cobbled streets ingrained with sand. Shops remembered. Resurrected from memories. Every street corner beginning with ‘do you remember when”? Because we do. We measure out our lives in recollections, with this as our setting. Tides roll in, lives move on. Surf retreats, we honour those past. Yet cherish the living. Every year, we bask in … More St Ives

Seas Of St Ives

Cerulean. Aquamarine. Cobalt. Sage. Sorrel. All undulating in shimmering bars. Matt and impenetrable in cloud, yet translucent and brilliant when brought to life by light. A spectrum of water colours swirling langorously and loyally around an achingly beautiful enclave. Surrounded almost entirely by tides, that have sulpted the deeply loved land as they do driftwood, all … More Seas Of St Ives


This is a poem about smoking. Burning through a pack of Ten. Ten moments in time. Ten streams of conciousness. Ten pauses.   The first? A smoke screen hiding inner fears. The second blasts the fear, yes every trace. Third one  blows up clouds that squeeze out ashen tears; Fourth a signal, steeling jaw in … More Beacons


For this, your birthday gift, an artichoke. Heart flower of my soul and mind and being. For you, in all my life, more than all folk, Have opened me to life, and growth and seeing. As petals strip you off one at a time, Know that I give myself to you this way. I want … More Birthday

Picture Perfect

What better picture is there in the world? A masterpiece of special places Resonant with happy memories. Hard to believe that so much could be framed So completely, in both my mind’s eye and my loving gaze.   © Tom Tide 2016