Ocean in a Bottle

I was given the wide ocean in a bottle today. A gift of true generosity. Heavenly, To cradle the wonder of the Sea within my palm’s breadth. To be known. So well. I put my lips to it. Warm from the Autumn Sun that bathed it on my morning window sill Where I placed it … More Ocean in a Bottle


I trod these boards as a boy. Or crept, I should say. The deep carpets still make my toes skitter. Three steps down to the living room. Still exciting, somehow. So much to look at. Everywhere. A crescent within a crescent: rooms arcing to left and right. Embracing warmly, as warmly as the homemaker’s arms. … More Crescent

Brief Hiatus

These words are for anybody and everybody who has read my words since I began sharing them last October. I have four words for you: Thank you all wholeheartedly. To know and to see that people read my words is an utter joy. You have given me the confidence to carve out a voice, and … More Brief Hiatus