I love Brutalist Architecture. I love it. I love the size and the shape and the colours (or lack of colours) of it. I feel strongly about it. To me, it is anything but brutal. It is sublime and sculptural, and makes me feel immediately fascinated yet humbled whenever I see it. As an appreciator … More Brutalism

Heavenly Glimpses

I was irresistibly drawn to the above words today. Not for their original, intended meaning, but in a deeply intense, personal manner. As my ‘About’ section suggests, I am a midnight writer, and begin writing usually after the witching hour has begun. My eyes often sting, and I have to flail my thoughts in to some … More Heavenly Glimpses


To become a snail, when human, is quite a thing. To make one’s home mobile, and transport it to a new place, is yet another. To convey one’s family in the same frail shell is yet another permutation. One which I undertook in August, along with my wife and Four Year Old son. We went … More Improvising


I paused yesterday. Worn out, strung out. Eyes burning from frenetic activity. I paused yesterday. When my child self suddenly  ignited. Vibrant colours spun. I remembered. The arc of a blue sky. Lying flush to the grass and playing with beaded orbs of dew. Not remembered for decades. Until yesterday.   © Tom Tide 2016 … More Fresh

À Mon Retour

It is all so very familiar: From a certain light at sunset to the sudden fresh breeze. Dusty warmth to the air caressing lithe beach bodies, both male and female. In fragrant supermarkets the strong, open-faced women with Work-worn hands. Their denim-clad husbands. Family dinners with all eating together. Fireworks after dark, and the sensuality of everything. … More À Mon Retour

Picture Perfect

What better picture is there in the world? A masterpiece of special places Resonant with happy memories. Hard to believe that so much could be framed So completely, in both my mind’s eye and my loving gaze.   © Tom Tide 2016    

Brief Hiatus

These words are for anybody and everybody who has read my words since I began sharing them last October. I have four words for you: Thank you all wholeheartedly. To know and to see that people read my words is an utter joy. You have given me the confidence to carve out a voice, and … More Brief Hiatus