Smoke Signal

It was the best part of a very shitty day. Sitting on the decking, Fin listened to the starlings and savoured his cigarette. The last of the colours were leaching out of the sky, and a bat skittered overhead. He revelled in the quietness. Replaying the argument in his head he drew on the fag … More Smoke Signal

Wasted-Part 2

A searing pain smashed through his neck, and with a jerk of his head Jim was awake. Instantly he saw once again  the immaculately attired man in the corner. He was exactly as he had been,  mute and glaring.  Both eyes darting, Jim’s gaze came in to focus on Bill’s striped, mustard- hued incisors, directly … More Wasted-Part 2

Wasted- Part 1

A little after Five am, six things happened simultaneously. Already bolt awake, Jim heard four of them. As something was pushed through his letterbox, his mobile vibrated, the tablet on his desk pinged and his answerphone whirred in to life. Unbeknownst to him a note was also placed under the windscreen of his Volvo at … More Wasted- Part 1