Passing by

Such are rivers at dusk. Profound serenity. A beauty rippled with sadness, as if Ophelia had just swept around the bend; Robes flowing underwater. Fading as the Sun. Copyright Tom Tide 2017     Advertisements

Watering can soothe

I sweltered in my car. A metal box, arid and non-living. Then with a click, she emerged. Cradling a watering can wearing a top blue as an April sky. To revive a beloved garden of England. Or perhaps Japan: so lovingly fed and swept in to place by delicate hands. All ferns and fronds.   … More Watering can soothe

Frog’s Eye View

The water had a velvety softness to it, and from the surface was the colour of linseed oil. Once I was thigh-deep though, I saw how pure and clear the water really was. Perched on smooth river stones, I could see my feet and toes vividly, and even pick out the current flowing around my … More Frog’s Eye View

A Sudden Downpour

I got thoroughly drenched by a Spring downpour today.  It was a violent, dense throw down of a shower, accompanied by gusting wind. I felt immediately permeated by the cold air which was so very  different from the foetid, stuffy fug of my classroom. Venturing out for a lunchtime walk without my coat, my shirt and trousers were sodden within … More A Sudden Downpour

The Dark Waters

  Seek my depth. Humble, you will come to me. To my dark pools black as dilated pupils. You seek amidst my maelstrom The Charybdis Suck Abandoning yourself to my swirl and surge. Joyous in your submission.     Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Dream of Me

Familiar words drifted towards him as he felt the gate yield to the key. Stars fading, but I linger on dear; still craving your kiss. The torrid heat of the day had given way to a clear and cloudless night, the surface of the lido lay flat and shimmering in the moonlight. Full, the moon cast … More Dream of Me