Take Me

Bathwick. Bath. 1927. Valeria had watched the man for over a week now, and always in the early morning. From her solitary table on the balcony terrace she would first hear the gentle slap and pull of his oars working the river, then see him glide slowly in to view. Straining on the oars and … More Take Me

About turn

I updated my ‘About’ description today. Almost a year after first writing it. Perhaps worth a read if you have enjoyed any of my posts. It means a great deal to me if you have. Thank you.   Good evening all xXx


This is a poem about smoking. Burning through a pack of Ten. Ten moments in time. Ten streams of conciousness. Ten pauses.   The first? A smoke screen hiding inner fears. The second blasts the fear, yes every trace. Third one  blows up clouds that squeeze out ashen tears; Fourth a signal, steeling jaw in … More Beacons

Reflective Evening

This is Golden time for water-folk. Water calm and glassy; beckoning with undulating ripples. Time to feel the Jasmine air of evening light upon skin Immersed,  in the flesh or the mind’s eye. Time to drift. To imagine breathing underwater, gliding with eyes open. Through a portal bedecked with green finery, To a of perpetual, … More Reflective Evening

The clouds know

I was thinking a lot about what has happened in Italy last night. During and after the earthquake. All of the bravery and sadness, and seeing the best and worst that can happen. The worst tragedy, but the most courageous best when people work together to repair and rescue. I looked up, and saw that … More The clouds know


To others, you were just a robin- Singing at dusk by a caravan. You were so much more to me. You see, I felt you knew: Knew that this was special. This few days together. You understood that we were there to stay.  We were your audience, and you performed. Beautifully. You even granted us a … More Welcome

Weather the Storm

The smoke from his cigarette hung in the air like a poor lie. With his back to the iron door, all around him the grey swell flowed, eerily noiseless. The waves were swollen and turgid as they looped around the steps below him, meeting uneasily in the middle. The heat was stifling, even three miles out, … More Weather the Storm