What did you mean?

When I found you, you were ragged. So dusty. Sleeveless in the cold of your neglect. Though metal-rimmed. Built to last. Bumping through the decades, from storage to storage.   But what did you mean? You were and are a demo. So: Did you spark a tryst? Give words to some unspoken love? Why didn’t … More What did you mean?


Floating in pale sunlight: Leaves pivot above my rocking hips; Reminiscent of al fresco wildness.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Beyond the frame of favourite movies

  Beyond the frame, there are the answers. Hidden explanations of tantalising scenes. Those ‘what’s down there’ queries.  The curiosity of ‘who’s that, and why him’? The seductive, inky details that fill in the blanks on my imagination’s map. Those fleeting blinks of spaces and places that make my pupils dilate. These secret places that … More Beyond the frame of favourite movies

Indigo Dawn

Today I awoke to an Indigo dawn. Gently coming round, to hear many birds singing. It was utterly serene. My mind at ease. Body still slumbering. My mind quiet. I wanted it to last forever.   Copyright Tom Tide 2017

Frog’s Eye View

The water had a velvety softness to it, and from the surface was the colour of linseed oil. Once I was thigh-deep though, I saw how pure and clear the water really was. Perched on smooth river stones, I could see my feet and toes vividly, and even pick out the current flowing around my … More Frog’s Eye View


Writing is a blessed curse, Imagination veils my sight; Transforming most mundane of things to figmentations of pure fright.   Winding creeper takes on fangs, Becoming Mowgli-seeking Carr, The jungle spreads beneath my feet With vipers seeking flesh to Mar.   Honey-tongued and forked mischief, Whispers of forbidden fruit Whilst over growing temples peep from … More Serpentine